Non-Stim Pre Exercise Now with Nitrosigine (2023 V3)

Any time Glaxon pronounces a brand new product launch, the trade pays consideration – and no one watches extra carefully than the PricePlow content material crew.

The explanation for that is that Glaxon all the time comes up with one thing new. Whereas many different complement formulators are content material to combine and match time-tested standby elements, seemingly each Glaxon product both introduces customers to a new ingredient or places a brand new spin on an ingredient whose potential has not been totally explored.

Crucially, Glaxon’s revolutionary approaches work. Right here at PricePlow, even we get overwhelmingly constructive suggestions from customers in regards to the firm’s inventive system designs.

The massive latest announcement from Glaxon is that they’re releasing the third iteration of Plasm Surge, a stim-free, pump targeted pre-workout. And this iteration brings Nutrition21’s patented powerhouse, Nitrosigine, to advertise nitric oxide manufacturing and take your coaching to a brand new stage.

True to type, Glaxon was on the bleeding fringe of a now-pervasive trade pattern: shifting away from large stimulant doses in pre-workouts. Plasm Surge was one of many first and finest entries on this rising product class.

Plasm Surge’s V3 redesign focuses on boosting nitric oxide and ATP era, which is thrilling to us as a result of we’ve been immersed within the scientific literature on this topic as of late. ATP-focused NO boosting will possible be one of many subsequent large trade traits, and seeing Glaxon assert itself as an early adopter reinforces that perception.

Let’s get into the small print of how this new system works… However first, examine the PricePlow information and offers!

Notice: Verify the label at every retailer to make sure that you’re getting the system you need.

For those who simply need the highlights, right here’s how the brand new system differs from the previous one.

And eventually, they elevated the dose of arginine (past Nitrosigine) and barely adjusted doses of different elements too.

In a single, 1-scoop (20 gram) serving of Plasm Surge V3 from Glaxon, you get the next:

  • L-Citrulline – 6,000 mg

    Citrulline is an amino acid that packs a robust punch in terms of enhancing nitric oxide (NO) manufacturing.[1,2]

    Glaxon Plasm Surge V3 Ingredients

    The up to date Glaxon Plasm Surge V3 Substances. Comparisons to V1 and V2 are on the backside of this text.

    Prior to now, arginine was the complement trade’s go-to NO precursor, however latest years have seen citrulline change it because of the latter’s superior bioavailability.[3] Citrulline is more practical at boosting NO as a result of, not like arginine, it doesn’t fall prey to the primary go impact, a phenomenon during which ingested substances are damaged down within the abdomen earlier than reaching the intestinal wall.[4-8]

    That being mentioned, research present the mixture of citrulline and arginine is more practical than both ingredient alone[1,9,10] – and, happily, now we have each of them in Glaxon Plasm Surge V3!

    Citrulline’s upregulation of NO comes with quite a few advantages, similar to:

    • Elevated oxygen uptake and top-end muscular energy[11]
    • Elevated athletic endurance. In a single 2010 examine, excessive doses of citrulline led to a 50% enhance in topics’ most bench press repetitions.[12]
    • Considerably diminished post-workout muscle soreness – as much as 40% discount in severity[12]

    Elevated blood movement interprets to extra environment friendly nutrient and oxygen supply, in addition to quicker lactic acid clearance, which is essential for athletes since its accumulation results in post-exercise muscular fatigue and soreness.

    Arginine vs. Citrulline Plasma Arginine

    As most of us know by now, when used alone, citrulline beats out arginine in terms of elevating nitric oxide ranges.[2] However…. wait till you see what occurs when arginine is added!

  • Beta-Alanine – 3,200 mg

    Beta-alanine has a protracted historical past of use as an ergogenic help. – it’s been a mainstay because the starting of the dietary complement trade.

    When beta-alanine is mixed with L-histidine, the result’s carnosine, a dipeptide molecule that’s plentiful in muscle tissue. Carnosine’s operate in muscle mass is to assist take away lactic acid, a waste product that causes muscular fatigue when it accumulates.[13]

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    Glaxon’s Michael Bischoff and Joey Savage Deliver Power Drinks and Cereal to the PricePlow Podcast of their second episode with us, titled Glaxon to the Moon: Michael Bischoff & Joey Savage #2 | PPP #090!

    Thus, decreasing lactic acid accumulation, through beta-alanine supplementation, is a sensible method to bettering athletic endurance.

    Regardless of carnosine’s advantages, it’s higher to take carnosine precursors slightly than carnosine itself. The scenario is similar as that of citrulline versus arginine, with the precursor being extra orally bioavailable than the goal compound.

    The bottleneck, in terms of carnosine manufacturing within the physique, is the quantity of beta-alanine accessible to cells – beta-alanine is the rate-limiting issue.[14,15] Therefore, supplementing with beta-alanine is an nearly surefire method to stimulating carnosine manufacturing, particularly since histidine, the opposite needed precursor, is plentiful in widespread meals.

    Two massive meta-analyses analyzing over 40 peer-reviewed papers on beta-alanine discovered that the compound is best for enhancing endurance throughout train periods performed at a sustained depth, between 30 seconds and 10 minutes.[13-20]

    The three,200-milligram dose utilized in Glaxon Plasm Surge V3 is probably the most generally used and clinically validated by far.

    A phrase in regards to the beta-alanine tingles

    Upon taking beta-alanine, most people expertise a tingling sensation of their higher physique. Though it would really feel unusual for first-time customers, the scientific consensus is that this tingling is innocent, and that beta-alanine is protected for human consumption.[21]

  • L-Arginine – 2,000 mg

    Arginine nitrate may seem to be an odd ingredient to point out up in Glaxon Plasm Surge V3. In spite of everything, we mentioned earlier that oral arginine dietary supplements aren’t as efficient.[4-8]

    Nonetheless, there’s an exception to this rule. As we talked about in passing, when mixed, arginine and citrulline outperform both ingredient taken alone in each people[9,10] and animals.[1]

    Arginine Citrulline Performance

    With the improved arginine standing, we get improved nitric oxide ranges, higher blood movement and circulation… and in the end, higher efficiency![10]

    The synergistic results of arginine and citrulline are one purpose arginine hasn’t fallen fully out of style amongst savvy complement formulators.

    The explanation this mixture works is that the presence of citrulline inhibits arginase, the enzyme liable for breaking down arginine within the first go impact we mentioned above. In consequence, extra arginine transits the intestine and is absorbed via the intestines,[5,6] thus resulting in improved arginine bioavailability.

    By combining arginine and citrulline, you’re getting much more NO than you’ll with citrulline alone, and thus larger impact sizes with all the advantages we mentioned within the citrulline part. However don’t fear, there’s much more arginine coming by the use of Nitrosigine!

  • Astrolyte Electrolyte Mix (Fructooligosaccharides, Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Citrate, Potassium Citrate) – 1,770 mg

    Glaxon’s in-house electrolyte mix, Astrolyte, is utilized in quite a bit of their merchandise,together with Specimen, Specimen GFY, Plasm Surge, and Tranquility.

    Glaxon Astrolyte

    Glaxon Astrolyte convey hydrating electrolytes in fashion. On this article, we dig deeper into the added mineral absorption ingredient, fructooloigosaccharides.

    Astrolyte is made up of electrolyte minerals — sodium chloride, potassium, and magnesium — that play an important position in muscle contractions and athletic efficiency, cardiovascular well being, bone density, insulin sensitivity, glycemic management, and blood stress.[22-34]

    These electrolytes are misplaced in sweat throughout intense exercises. So, in the event you’re working onerous, it’s essential to replenish them for optimum efficiency and restoration.

    We love electrolytes, however the inclusion of fructooligosaccharides (FOS) is what actually makes Astrolyte stand out. FOS is a particular carbohydrate that enhances mineral bioavailability (similar to sodium, potassium, and magnesium), thereby multiplying the advantages related to electrolytes it’s stacked with.[35-38] FOS additionally has a prebiotic impact by nourishing the helpful micro organism within the intestine.[39]

    Lastly, because of FOS, Astrolyte is naturally candy — roughly 0.3 to 0.6 instances as candy as sugar.[40,41] This helps enhance the flavour of Glaxon Plasm Surge V3.

    For additional info on this outstanding ingredient, click on via to our full-length article on Glaxon Astrolyte: Hydrating Electrolytes That Do Extra.

  • Nitrosigine (Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate) – 1,500 mg

    Nitrosigine is among the most superior and efficient nitric oxide selling elements on the dietary complement market in the present day — it’s a patented type of arginine mixed with inositol and silica.[42] You’ll see it on complement labels as inositol-stabilized arginine silicate, however in most analysis research, it’s known as ASI.

    Nitrosigine vs. Other Nitric Oxide Ingredients

    Nitrosigine vs. Different Nitric Oxide Substances[43] Picture courtesy Nutrition21

    In comparison with different elements like L-arginine, L-arginine AKG, L-citrulline, L-citrulline malate, and agmatine sulfate, in-vitro analysis confirmed that Nitrosigine can promote a larger increase in NO.[44]

    This type of arginine (ASI) stays intact for longer durations of time, supporting larger blood ranges of arginine and nitric oxide.[21] Nitrosigine is each fast-acting and long-lasting, taking impact as quickly as half-hour after ingestion, with results lasting as much as six hours.[43,45]

    Arginine, citrulline, and Nitrosigine?

    Glaxon’s inclusion of Nitrosigine in Plasm Surge V3 is extraordinarily attention-grabbing. To know why, we have to talk about the historical past of arginine, citrulline, and the event of Nitrosigine.

    As we talked about earlier, plain arginine fell out of favor with complement formulators resulting from its low oral bioavailability.[5-8] That was the issue Nitrosigine was designed to unravel: Nutrition21 got down to construct a greater arginine, one that may very well be absorbed extra effectively by the human digestive tract and wouldn’t want huge doses.

    Nitrosigine PricePlow

    Sure! We have now a full 1.5g dose of Nitrosigine for long-lasting pumps, endurance, and even some focus results!

    As we additionally mentioned, the arginine precursor, citrulline, is usually used to work round arginine’s bioavailability limitations.[2] Nonetheless, you want massive doses of citrulline to realize maximal results,[46,47] and people massive doses can result in GI misery.[48,49]

    Right here’s why the inclusion of Nitrosigine is attention-grabbing: It might probably ship clinically important outcomes at a lot smaller doses, which is usually why Nitrosigine replaces arginine and citrulline in formulation.

    What we nearly by no means see is arginine, citrulline, and Nitrosigine in the identical system!

    Arginine within reason efficient by itself, citrulline even moreso; and like we mentioned, the mixture of arginine and citrulline has synergistic results.[1,9,10] So, even simply with generic arginine and citrulline, Plasm Surge can be able to ship a very good pump, particularly since they’re generously dosed.

    Throw in a scientific dose of Nitrosigine on prime of all that, and all bets are off. In comparison with the standard product entry, Glaxon Plasm Surge V3 appears to ship actually insane pumps.

    Glaxon actually went large on this one.

    Nitrosigine analysis

    Nitrosigine 2022 Cognitive Study Infographic

    A nitric oxide booster that improves cognition?! Sure – Nutrition21 handed round this useful infographic after the Nitrosigine cognition examine on wholesome younger adults was printed.[50]

    Based on one examine, a 1,500 milligram dose of Nitrosigine can enhance flow-mediated dilation (FMD), a measure of arterial blood movement, by 31%. Compared, an 8-gram dose of citrulline malate elevated FMD by 34%,[51] that means that Nitrosigine produced roughly the identical impact measurement at roughly 1/5th the dose!

    Glaxon, after all, determined to take that examine and do each.

    Nootropic results

    NO boosters are sometimes mentioned within the context of maximizing bodily efficiency. Nonetheless, the cognitive results of optimized NO manufacturing are arguably simply as essential! The mind is not any much less affected by circulation than some other organ, in spite of everything. In reality, it has a disproportionately excessive demand for oxygen, ketones, and glucose circulating in your bloodstream.

    And that is the place Nitrosigine provides much more clinically-studied advantages to Plasm Surge V3 — it’s particularly efficient at bettering cognitive efficiency.

    • NO as a potent vasodilator can even enhance blood movement within the mind, which can have cognitive advantages. One examine discovered that when Nitrosigine is taken previous to strenuous train, it may well stop the non permanent cognitive decline sometimes seen afterwards.[52,53] Its cognitive advantages could even work inside quarter-hour of taking it![52]
    • Nitrosigine supplementation has additionally been proven to enhance multitasking in wholesome younger males, even those that hadn’t exercised lately.[54]
    • One other examine confirmed that wholesome adults taking Nitrosigine carried out higher on an instantaneous reminiscence check than these taking a placebo.[50]

    Sustaining peak cognitive efficiency is a necessary a part of dealing with difficult exercise routines and avoiding burnout earlier than attaining one’s targets.

    Nitrosigine Blood Pressure

    Nitrosigine use can doubtlessly result in a slight discount in blood stress. Picture courtesy Nutrition21

    That’s why we see pre-workout formulation more and more counting on heavy nootropic assist, and we are able to’t consider a greater ingredient than Nitrosigine to play this position in Glaxon Plasm Surge V3.

    For those who’re enthusiastic about a extra in-depth dialogue of this superior ingredient, take a look at PricePlow’s earlier article on Nitrosigine titled “Nitrosigine: The Nitric Oxide Booster That Enhances Mind Perform“.

  • Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) [Fruit] Extract (Std. to 50% tannins as Capros) – 250 mg

    Amla, a fruit tree with a wealthy historical past in Ayurvedic medication, can be acknowledged by two scientific names, Phyllanthus emblica and Emblica officinalis.

    Its significance in East Asian tradition earned it the nickname “Indian gooseberry.” Amla has been used for hundreds of years to enhance cardiovascular well being and deal with circulatory issues.[55]

    How amla upregulates nitric oxide (NO)

    Todd Spear and Katie Emerson of Nutrition21 on the PricePlow Podcast

    Flashback: Todd Spear and Katie Emerson of Nutrition21 joined the PricePlow Podcast at SupplySide West 2022 for Episode #075 to speak analysis, traits, nitric oxide dietary supplements, and extra!

    Fashionable analysis largely helps conventional data about amla. Sure antioxidants current in Indian gooseberries have been discovered to enhance endothelial operate whereas additionally stopping platelet formation,[56] thereby decreasing the chance for severe cardiovascular occasions, similar to coronary heart assaults and blood clots.

    In research performed on animals, amla has demonstrated a noteworthy anti-hypertensive impact brought on by its stimulation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), which produces NO in arteries.[57]

    One purpose amla can do that is due to gallic acid, a bioactive constituent that’s naturally plentiful in amla fruit[58]. Analysis exhibits that gallic acid can stop the oxidative degradation of eNOS, resulting in a bump in serum eNOS ranges and a corresponding enhance in NO manufacturing.[59]

    Gallic acid can be a major bioactive constituent in tea, a beverage that’s famend for its cardiovascular advantages.[60]

    The connection between ATP and eNOS

    Amla tree extracts are standardized for low molecular weight tannins (LMWTs). Some examples embody emblicanin-A, emblicanin-B, punigluconin, and pedunculagin.[61]

    When the physique metabolizes these tannins, they’re transformed into urolithins A, B, C, and D, all of which might considerably enhance mitochondrial operate.[62]

    Glaxon Specimen Genesis / Plasm Surge Stack

    Epic stack incoming – combine Plasm Surge with Specimen Genesis!

    Your mitochondria are liable for producing mobile power within the type of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Your physique makes use of ATP to do all the things, so, unsurprisingly, ATP manufacturing is positively correlated with improved well being and athletic efficiency.[63,64]

    That’s nicely and good, however what does ATP should do with NO and pumps, that are purported to be the main focus of Glaxon Plasm Surge V3?

    Because it seems, the most recent analysis exhibits that elevated ATP manufacturing can upregulate endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), enhance manufacturing of nitric oxide (NO), and enhance arterial operate.[65] This occurs as a result of when crimson blood cells, platelets, and endothelial cells launch ATP in response to stimuli, calcium is upregulated inside endothelial membranes, inflicting the translocation of eNOS into endothelial cells, the place it’s activated to supply NO.[65]

    Right here is how one knowledgeable describes the method:

    As soon as launched, ATP binds to purinergic (P2X and P2Y) receptors on endothelial cells. Binding ends in the endothelial cells releasing nitric oxide through endothelial nitric oxide synthase, prostacyclin, and endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing issue, all 3 of which have an effect on the graceful muscle of the vasculature through cyclic guanosine monophosphate, cyclic adenosine monophosphate, and hyperpolarization, respectively.[66]

    Amla’s different advantages

    Other than its position in ATP upregulation, urolithin B may additionally have anabolic results.[67]

    Lastly, Amla extracts can even enhance cognitive efficiency.[68]

  • L-Glutathione Diminished (as Setria) – 200 mg

    The assorted iterations of Plasm Surge have lengthy included Setria, a trademarked type of the extremely bioavailable L-Glutathione. Glutathione (GSH), as most of us have most likely heard by now, is an endogenous antioxidant (i.e. produced by your personal physique) that scavenges free radicals and protects cells from oxidative injury.

    Glaxon Supershrooms

    Expertise the facility of mushrooms with SuperShroom from Glaxon!

    Setria’s revolutionary fermentation course of has enabled the manufacturing of a GSH that has been clinically confirmed to lift serum GSH ranges, making it more practical than generic GSH dietary supplements. Moreover its superior bioavailability, Setria is a well known standardized glutathione complement that’s been in Plasm Surge for some time.

    Though your physique can produce GSH by itself, underneath sure circumstances it may be helpful to produce it with exogenous GSH for the aim of enhancing well being and efficiency.[69]

    For instance, Setria has been proven to assist immune system functioning by enhancing detoxing and combating oxidative stress,[70] making it a doubtlessly helpful complement for pathogenic an infection.

    Could synergize with citrulline

    Though it’s mostly utilized in well being and wellness dietary supplements, Setria is showing increasingly in performance-focused formulation like Glaxon Plasm Surge V3 because of key cardiovascular advantages, like bettering blood movement and pumps when stacked with citrulline.[71,72]

    Analysis has proven that combining Setria and L-citrulline can doubtlessly result in synergistic and sustained will increase in nitric oxide manufacturing.[71] Different analysis has discovered that this mixture can even result in synergistic will increase in lean muscle mass and muscular power in comparison with each citrulline malate and a placebo. Extra analysis is required to verify these findings.[72]

    The Setria dose utilized in these research was 200 milligrams, the identical dose in Plasm Surge V3.[71]

  • AstraGin (Astragalus membranaceus and Panax Notoginseng) [Root] Extract – 25mg

    To be able to maximize bioavailability, Glaxon makes use of 25 milligrams of AstraGin in Plasma Surge.

    Glaxon GRIT with Anandamide

    Glaxon GRIT is a pure ache assist complement that we’ve been loving!

    AstraGin is a patented proprietary mix of Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng root extracts from NuLiv Science.[73-77] Whereas it provides quite a few advantages, its major benefit is a capability to reinforce bioavailability and nutrient absorption.

    Preliminary research recommend that AstraGin can activate a number of transporters within the small gut, thus bettering their uptake of vitamins, together with amino acids, creatine, and omega-3 fatty acids.

    As a result of we’ve been speaking quite a bit about arginine’s poor oral bioavailability, it’s price mentioning {that a} 2017 examine demonstrated AstraGin considerably improves L-arginine absorption.[78] This clearly makes it a worthwhile ingredient for the Glaxon Plasm Surge V3 system, which options one of many greatest arginine doses we’ve seen shortly.

    Furthermore, some analysis signifies that AstraGin can assist general intestine well being by combating intestine irritation and bettering the structural integrity of intestinal tissue.

  • Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ) – 5 mg

    PQQ Benefits

    Attention-grabbing: 20mg day by day PQQ supplementation gives all types of cognitive and psychological advantages. We don’t have this a lot of a dose right here, however suppose we must be seeing PQQ extra usually!

    Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) is a disodium salt that’s able to growing mitochondrial biogenesis,[79,80] the method by which the physique generates new mitochondria. PQQ does this by upregulating sirtuin 1 (SIRT1), an enzymatic protein with unimaginable advantages for well being and longevity.[79]

    Higher mitochondrial density means extra ATP, which ends up in, as we’ve mentioned, NO upregulation, improved circulation, and higher oxygen utilization.[81]

    PQQ’s results on circulation can truly enhance cognition,[82] very like Nitrosigine. When taken over lengthy durations of time, PQQ supplementation can result in reductions in perceived stress, elevated power ranges, and higher sleep high quality.[83]

    Once more, the addition of PQQ is an indication that Glaxon supposed to use the ATP-NO connection to the fullest with this Plasm Surge redesign.

  • You may get it flavored or unflavored, in order that it makes stacking with the brand new Specimen Genesis simpler than ever:

    For a stroll down reminiscence lane, let’s have a look at the earlier variations of Plasm Surge:

    With Plasm Surge V3, Glaxon strikes an beautiful stability between the tried-and-true pre-workout fundamentals and revolutionary new elements.

    The amount of citrulline and arginine right here – and the magnitude of their synergistic results – is not like nearly the rest we’ve seen. Glaxon went all in on the standard NO-boosting pathway, including the trifecta from Nitrosigine, citrulline, and arginine.

    On the identical time, it’s evident they’re preserving abreast of trade and analysis traits – with amla, glutathione, and PQQ, the inevitable conclusion that we’ve come to is that Glaxon has been studying quite a bit in regards to the connection between ATP and NO.

    Plasm Surge is a type of merchandise that simply retains getting higher and higher. Glaxon undoubtedly didn’t disappoint with its third iteration.

    Notice: Verify the label at every retailer to make sure that you’re getting the system you need.

    This text was initially printed on August 3, 2020 and up to date on Could 12, 2023.